Thursday, 11 June 2015

Hello, hello, hello

Well long time no posting! What excuses do I have? Well the boys and I have moved house, we sold the family home and I have bought a new house to start the next phase of my life. The boys love the new house as do I, although my new craft room is only half the size I had before! Having said that it has a huge window that lets in lovely natural light. When the room is tidy I'll make a short video showing how I'm squeezing most things in (some not so often used supplies are now residing in the garage as I can't fit them in!).

Currently I am at home on sick leave recuperating after having foot surgery. I thought it would give me lots of time to craft but I didn't factor in how my foot would throb sitting at my desk so I have spent weeks watching tv with my foot up and not much time at my desk. Hopefully things will change soon!

Some projects I have worked on since my last post are as follows. Please ignore the bad photography as I took these images at night on my phone but I figured some photos were better than none!
 She is actually teal though!

 I'm having fun drawing and painting faces.

This was my last art journalling class at my Made With Memories, I have been teaching this class for two years now. I have a core group of four ladies that come every month and over the months others join us for a lesson or two or ten!

Well that's it for now, I have to go and finish writing my reports for my Year 2 class, my work avoidance has gone on for long enough!

Take care and have fun crafting,
Helen xx

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