Saturday, 25 July 2015

Where has my creating time gone?

Hi all,

Well school is back in session so my creative time this week has gone out the window. I am supposed to be writing programmes (I'm not getting sidetracked at all!) but thought I would post the picture of the last layout I completed on the school holidays plus I found 2 other fairly recent layouts that I haven't, until now, photographed.

This layout is of my sons and I out for afternoon tea in the school holidays, it was freezing but I managed to get them to walk, well limp for me, along the foreshore down in Rockingham. Ben wouldn't get in front of the camera so he took the photos of Sam and I.

This is a photo of Ben taken late last year, one of the rare photos that I can get of him.

This layout was one of my Design Team pages for my local store.

This is last weekend's art journaling class I taught at the store. We all had lots of fun and got some crafting done.

This is a section of a canvas I am working on for my real estate lady. Whilst she was selling my previous house she enjoyed looking at all my artwork and asked me if I would create a canvas for her on zebras. It's not quite finished but getting close, the challenge for me has been that Elsie only wants me to use black and white!

Well that's it for now, I think I've procrastinated enough and I should get to work writing programmes for my gorgeous class of Year 2 students. They are lovely and I've really enjoyed being back with them this week after 9 weeks away. Mind you when I told them I was going to the hairdressers after school on Thursday they suggested getting my hair died rainbow colours and then one said if I curled it I could be a clown! I didn't quite follow their advice, don't know why, but it is back to being blonde.

Take care and have fun creating,
Helen xx

P.S. Just before I go I thought I would include the latest photo of my shelf at the store. Four of us on the design team have each been given a shelf to display some layouts which we need to change each month and this is the photo of my July display.

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