Sunday, 13 April 2014

Later that same day . . .

Hello again,

Well had a great day teaching my art journaling class. I am lucky in that a lovely bunch of ladies take my class each month, majority of them come each and every month, and I have so much fun teaching them. I tell them that if their page looks like mine then they are not doing it right! Not really but I definitely promote individuality with their work and that my page is the starting block that they can interpret any way they like. One lady always finishes her page at home and blings it up. This was their page that they were working on today:
Each class I aim to teach the ladies a new background technique and another way to use a supply we have previously used. We used Inka Gold as paint today plus used gel medium to add texture as well adhere items plus slapped some joint compound around the page as well. The ladies really enjoyed themselves, loved their pages and are intrigued to see what else they can get from Bunnings to put on their pages.

Recently I bought myself an A3 journal and have been inspired by the pictures on Donna Downey's website of her 48 Weeks class. I really wanted to take part but just couldn't afford it. So here are a few of my interpretations:

 I think I'm going to have a go at doing this one on a canvas as I just love it.

Well that's it for sharing tonight I think but I am off to play now, seeing as it is school holidays and I don't have to get up early I can stay up late and play tonight. I have my Design Team package for Made With Memories to do plus a pile of new products to play with so let's see just what happens.

Until later,
Helen xx

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