Wednesday, 10 July 2013


Well here goes, hopefully can attach photos. Will add others also.
This is it, I've used cardboard boxes for the trees, balsa wood for the fence, bits of corrugated metal for leaves, Collections owl, Viva D├ęcor 3D stamp paint and Lumiere paints, old ABCs for texture in background, Prima Engraver text stamp, rosebuds and bolts for flowers and big brush pens and gelatos for shading.

A canvas board using Neocolors, Golden's glass bead gel  and Donna Downey stamp. Hand drawn design using black pen.

Journal page, had many layers underneath they created a good foundation as that is the best place for them. Layers of modelling paste, Lindy Stamp Gang sprays buttons and metal embedded into embossing paste and other bits and pieces and a page containing a photo of me. They are generally quite rare and by the way that is a reflection on my forehead not some weird skin discolouration.

 I signed up for Christy Tomlinson's She Art 3 and this was my first attempt of a face on canvas. Faces have always been a no go for me as my Year 8 art teacher told me {a long time ago} that I was wasting my time in art and should not continue with it and at the time I was painting a face. Anyway I quite like it but my darling husband did suggest that I stick to my other style.

I've had a couple of days to myself and what did I do - craft?? not really I spent the time tidying and reorganising my craft studio. This is only part of the room {it should be our formal lounge room but as the only female in the house, not counting the dogs and cat, I figured I needed a craft cave and this room was much bigger than the spare room I had previously inhabited. Although being at the front of the house Greg wanted me to keep it tidy all the time and sad to say it is a rare moment when it looks like this!} but the green/teal unit is my pride and joy. The manual arts teacher at school wanted to get rid of it and I suggested donating it to my craft room, he said as long as I could get it home I could have it. Well I was definitely thankful that day that I live on the same street as school, so one afternoon my darling sons and I pushed it home. It did create a bit of interest and comments with a few "Trust you Helen" chucked into the mix but I now have my lovely refurbished unit holding lots of my art supplies right behind my desk. I am basically a lazy crafter and if I have to get out of my chair to reach supplies than more than likely it won't appear on my work. So I have streamlined and reorganised so that I have as much as possible in arms reach.

Well that's it for now. I will be updating soon with some of my creations from the school holidays. Have a good day,
Helen xx

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