Wednesday, 10 July 2013

I'm back . . .

Oh my, this is the second time I have tried this today. Our lovely computer just got rid of my last attempt, I would like to say it is because it is Windows as I don't have any of these issues on my Apple but that wouldn't be very nice of me so I won't.

Anyway  ....... finally I have made it back to blogging as I have been really busy at work (school) and am now on holidays. Mind you this second half of the year I am going to make time to blog and get my artwork out into the wide world. I have started trying to sell it under the name of "Youneek Art by Helen" we have a few pieces up in our gym  . . . ok not probably the best place but least lots of people see it and talk about it. I have also started teaching mixed media classes at Made With Memories and in August will return to teaching at Scrapbook Secrets teaching mixed media not scrapbooking this time.

Anyhooo, quite a few months ago (late February) I couldn't sleep as I had this idea of a canvas that showed a tree changing through the four seasons with one of the trees having an owl in it. {Out the front of our house and nearly every house in our street is a plain tree and I love how it changes and loses it leaves each year and this was the inspiration behind my canvas.} I had to get up and write my ideas down before I could sleep that night and then shortly after that I created part of the picture in my mind in one of my art journals. From here I further developed my design and created it on a 15x45inch canvas. This idea has become the basis of one of my classes that I am teaching at both stores, different versions but this idea.

I am going to save this post and then add the photo as this is what caused my earlier technical problem.

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