Friday, 3 January 2014

Today's Surprise in my Letterbox!

I had tried out for the Scrapbooking Memories Masters 2013 competition and wasn't successful but imagine my surprise today when I received a free copy of the magazine (plus my subscription copy) in the mail as I made the Honourable Mentions list. I am a "SBM Newbie" as this is the first time I have ever been published in their magazine (actually any magazine).

Part of the competition was to make a 2014 calendar. This was my entry and what got featured in Vol16 No6 "Scrapbooking Masters".
"Judges' Note: Helen's artistic talents are clearly shown here - the detail on the tree is breathtaking!"

I'm feeling pretty proud right now, it is a huge compliment thank you Scrapbooking Memories. It's a lovely way to start the year.

Take care and bye for now,

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