Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Life Update

Hello everyone,

It's a big day in my household today as eighteen years ago I gave birth to two beautiful little babies and I mean little! They were around 6 pounds each and just pure bundles of joy.

Now my little babies have just celebrated becoming adults, one with the customary beer and the other with a glass of Lift! I am so proud to be their mum.
Happy 18th my darlings, may your future be bright and full of love, laughter and adventures.

Now on to other news, well news for me. Last year I made the goal to start posting YouTube videos and become a design team member for at least one group, now a year and bit on I am currently on 4 design teams and have grown my subscriber numbers to 444! Last May I was so excited to reach 100 subscribers and now a year later I have quadrupled that. I know for some this may not be a big increase but starting out and finding followers is not the easiest thing especially when you work full time in a very demanding job and only have a few hours each week to spend on your hobby. All in all I am chuffed with this, next goal 500 then 1000 subscribers.

Well that's it for me, it's getting late and I need some beauty sleep.

Take care and happy crafting,
Helen xx

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